Five Weeks of Luxury and Television

Originally posted in March 2013 on my older blog A Free-Spirited Woman.

I just spent five-weeks in (what I consider to be) total luxury. A very elegant home (posh, is how my parents described it), with three TV’s, a huge corner tub, washing machine, dryer, satellite, blue-ray, internet access, hundreds of TV channels, fancy dishes, lovely furniture, artistic decor, heat, a big kitchen, hot and cold running water, and a huge (by European standards) fridge full of food to eat, and a couple of cats for company. (Whom, (although I didn’t get one good nights sleep), I enjoyed thoroughly).

For the past five weeks, my clothes have been looking very spritely while hanging on hangers. It has been years since they hung on hangers. For a good 60% of the year, they live in duffel bags, and when they do get to come out of the bag and breathe a bit (other than when I’m wearing them), they lay folded on top of a drafting table in neat little piles (this is when I’m in a cute little cabin that I house-sit in the winter, well, sort of). My socks and undies live in stuff sacks no matter where I live,  and I never bother to take them out of these bags (except to wear). They haven’t seen the inside of a drawer for maybe five years?

While luxuriating in this lovely home, I had the opportunity to flick through TV channels endlessly if I so wished. For the first two weeks I kept forgetting I even had TV, but once I realized I had all these channels at my disposal, my thumb got some serious exercise. It didn’t take too long, however, to realize that the channels I was interested in (History, Travel, NatGeo, Nature, etc.) often had junk on whenever I tuned in, and the local news wasn’t that interesting, and the weather channel just kept repeating the same thing over and over (as did CNN). Ultimately I ended up leaving it on CNN, or HGTV, just for the noise. I did finally get to watch the show ‘Hoarders” though. I’ve heard so much about it over the years, and have always wanted to see the show, but never had the chance until these past five weeks. One of the way’s I make a living is by de-cluttering people’s homes, so I really enjoyed watching the show. I also enjoy the shows where people are purchasing homes in other countries. My favorite part is when a typical American couple, is shown a typical European home, and they have to wrap their minds around what they are going to get for their money. Usually, the house sizes are tiny compared to what they are used to, and the minuscule refrigerators just blow their minds. “We can’t possibly manage with a fridge that size,” they exclaim, “it’s impossible.” Well, I got news for you, Europeans, including my own family (I grew up in England) have managed for centuries, and you can too.

Anyhow, it turned out to be too much work trying to figure out what to watch in the evening, and after week number three, I gave up and turned to the large collection of DVD’s that were on hand. This was by far the best way to go (for myself anyhow), as I could watch a movie when I felt like it and didn’t have to live by the clock. After not having a TV for the best part of the last eighteen years I can honestly say, I don’t think I would ever pay good money for it. I actually ended up watching more shows on my little laptop, than on those three TVs. They were, however, great for watching DVDs on, especially the big flat screen. Wow!

Now having the internet was worth it, and if I had a home, that is one expense I would be willing to fork out for.

Then there comes the kitchen. Wow, how easy it is to get fat when one has a kitchen and a stocked fridge and larder to hand. I think I’ve gained about 5 lb in the past five weeks. A 1 lb a week. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s probably going to take two weeks to lose it again (now that I’m back being a leather AND rubber tramp). More in my next post.

All said I did so enjoy my stint in this lovely home, but in some ways, I was at a loss about what to do with myself. I suppose it would be different if I had my own home, where I could have a wood-working shop to do things in, but just having a luxury home leaves me baffled as to how people spend their time in them.

So now that my five-weeks of luxury is over with, what am I up to? All will be revealed in my next post in a few days.

Until next time,

Heading for new pastures,

Nomad for Nature

2 responses to “Five Weeks of Luxury and Television

  1. The rest of the story…Currently working on repurposing an old pie cabinet. You know, the kind with holes all over and a couple of shelves to let pies cool.
    Picked it up at a thrift store years and years ago.
    It’s actually on its back getting reinforced to house my propane tank for my outdoor stove. Lol😁❤


  2. Omg! That’s twice!
    you mentioned the book CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR by Jean M Auel. I was actually reading that book on kindle when I came across the title of your book in a description on YouTube. I stopped reading CLAN and read yours. Couldn’t put it down. I already told you I so enjoyed your book.

    Well now you mention a woodworking shop!
    Well, I don’t have a “shop”, but I love working with wood. Last winter I built a few raised garden beds.
    I am loving it. Broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens,
    Peppers galore.
    Just tickles me that you might like that kinda stuff.
    Great minds, etc…..🤗


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