Alone Again

I’m alone again. My friend Joe is on his way back to Colorado, and I’m alone once more.

I felt very brave this morning as we discussed what we were planning to do next, and where I might go, but now I feel a little lost. I’ve had Joe’s company full-time for the past three weeks (since my birthday), exploring dirt roads and canyons together, and staying warm at night in his little motorhome. But now, I’m alone, and it’s cold out there (well below zero at night), and I’m feeling just a little nervous about things.

It would be so easy to point Mitzi’s front bumper east and follow my friend back to the security of a town that I know well, and friends who would greet me with a smile. It would be easy to settle into my friend’s empty house and join the familiar faces in the coffee shop each morning.  It would be so easy to go back to the familiar, the known, my security blanket. However, there is another side to this; these GYPSY TOES (a poem I wrote) just aren’t ready to turn back yet. It would be like giving in, cowardly, I would feel like a failure taking the easy way out.

I’m pushing forward into the unknown, because I think its good to challenge oneself with a degree of discomfort, to test one’s mettle so to speak. I think its good to explore beyond one’s comfort zone, seek something new, see what the world can offer if given the chance. I seek a warmer winter, new vistas, new towns, new trails, new acquaintances. Although I left Colorado way back on October 1, I still haven’t made it very far south. After my trip to Yellowstone I returned to the Colorado mountains for a couple of weeks, and since I came to Utah on November 15, I’ve just re-visited places I know. I have not passed into the unfamiliar yet, and it is time.

Time to grab the bull by the horns, pull up my boots, test my mettle.

It is time to head south…

and so I’m

Heading south on the 3rd

Roxy – A Free Spirited Woman

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