Lazy Day After Hiking to Jailhouse Ruin and Perfect Kiva at The Grand Gulch Primitive Area, Utah

December 8, 2012

I’m having a lazy day today, because yesterday I hiked to Jailhouse Ruin and Perfect Kiva, in The Grand Gulch Primitive Area. The guidebook said 4-5 hours, HA! Not possible. I’m usually right on queue with the hiking times in the guidebook I was using, but this was way off. All I can say is that they had a perfect trail to follow and a guide.

I got slowed because I got lost in a maze of social trails in the wash at the bottom of the canyon, and because I was in over my head in some very tall grass, I missed the ruins and went further than necessary. By the time I figured this out, I’d already been hiking for 4-hours. Looking for the ruins also takes time, they are very hard to spot, and one has to walk slowly while scanning the cliffs above, and they don’t put signs in these place that point to the ruin. It is up to the hiker to seek them out. I took at least 45-minutes to inspect the ruins, I would have taken longer had I not realized I was running out of daylight hours. And then there was a whole host of obstacles to deal with on this hike, that took me up and down, and halfway up the canyon walls again. 4-5 hours was unrealistic. The 8-hour hike was well worth it though, the ruins were fascinating, and there was one part of the hike that I loved. It was a long section of pour-offs, in a narrow section of the canyon, very beautiful indeed.

Anyhow, after that hike, I decided to have a rest day. I started it by crawling back into my sleeping bag until about 8:15 am. Then driving to a place directly in the sunshine. I found a big pull off alongside the road, and made a cup of tea, and sat there in the sun enjoying it while looking at maps and trails. Not a single car passed by. I sat for an hour and listened to the Ravens in the rocks behind me making a ruckus.

I’ve planned the rest of my day. I’m currently at the Visitor Center at Natural Bridges (my base of operations). I’ve tried making a phone call with my phone card, but couldn’t get through. So I’m sitting on the floor in the interpretive area doing some writing. Then I plan to drive to the picnic area and cook some breakfast (this I did, and cooked up a feast, and then organized and sorted through my stuff a bit). Then I will come back here and sort though yesterdays pictures, and try that call again (this I did too).

Then I may go and camp, and use the last of my wood to have a fire (and maybe set up my camera for a night sky shot, IF it doesn’t cloud over). There is snow in the forecast. (This I did too)

That is how, as a homeless person, I am having a lazy day, (and it was wonderful, sunny, calm, a lovely day in the sun, and an evening by the fire).

Until next time…

Lazing around on the Mesa, Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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