Oops, That’s My Pee Bottle NOT My Water Bottle

I’m sure that many men who use a Nalgene bottle as their ‘pee bottle’ have experienced something similar to this little incident that happened to my traveling partner, Joe, one winter.

As a preface to this little story, I have to explain that Joe has two Nalgene bottles with blue tops, one is for drinking water, and one is used as his pee bottle. The bottle that holds drinking water has the lid still attached to the little tab, and the pee bottle doesn’t, this is how he tells the difference.

Picture this; It’s the middle of the night and your thirsty, and tired, and you reach for your water bottle and take a swig. With your thirst satiated, you go back to sleep

I know you think I’m going to tell you that Joe took a drink from the wrong bottle, and ended up drinking his own pee, but read on…

In the morning, you wake up and reach for your pee bottle, which you noticed has nice clean water in it, and the bottle you store your drinking water in, is actually empty.

Puzzled, Joe stared at the two bottles, and then his face lit up as he realized what he had done:

The water in Joe’s pee bottle, was actually river water, as Joe had emptied his pee bottle in the toilet the morning before, and then filled it up with river water to let it soak for a while. He’d then forgotten about it. That night, he’d just thrown it in the car without thinking, and because his drinking water bottle is usually the one with clean water in it, had got confused by the switch, and made the BIG mistake.

I mean, potentially, this could have had far more serious consequences than drinking his own pee.

We’re talking GIARDIA, or at least the potential for it, and the possibility of ending up in hospital being pumped with antibiotics for several days.

Luckily, the river water he drank was good, and Joe didn’t get sick. Either that, or he’s one of those people that is immune from it after years of living an outdoor life.

Whatever the reason, we are both thankful that Joe hasn’t got sick, and all is well, and we can laugh about it.

A mistake I’m sure he’ll never repeat.

Until next time… A Free-Spirited Woman (my blog prior to A Nomad for Nature)


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